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Youth Forum Meeting: Wednesday 6th November 2019

Youth Forum Wednesday 6th November 2019


For the first Youth Forum meeting of this academic year, the representatives from Grange were Lily from Year 6 and Levi from Year 5. After walking to the Town Hall and having some refreshments, each school gave a report.


The Grange pupils talked about recruiting a new head, who will start in January 2020, and their involvement in asking the candidates questions. Lily then talked about all the clubs that are running at school this term as well as a visit from a Felixstowe Academy maths teacher who gave Year 6 a maths lesson which was actually great fun. They then talked about the KS2 trip to the Royal Albert Hall to see the Primary Proms where KS2 had a picnic in Hyde Park before going to see the concert. The children really liked the big band who played "Rockin' Robin" and a Percussion group who played a song called "Typewriter" before participating in learning a song and the Latin rhythms to go with it. It was a long but very enjoyable day.


The children then talked about the Reception children who visited Ipswich Transport Museum to support their topic of transport. They had a great time climbing onto trams, fire engines and buses.  Then, along with Year 1, they had a visit from the Community Police Officer where they had the chance to dress up as police officers and sit in a police car to switch on the siren and flashing blue lights.


Finally Levi talked about the Tag Rugby team taking part in a Tag Rugby Festival in Ipswich where despite being novices at the sport the team made good progress and they are very much looking forward to the forthcoming Pyramid competition.  


After all the schools had given their reports Doreen Savage, one of the Town Councillors, talked about two councillors from Woodbridge Council who were observing the forum as they are looking to set up something similar for Woodbridge. Another councillor, Seamus, asked schools to find out if they have any areas where The Woodland Trust could plant new trees. Next the PSCO, who is funded by the Town Council, told the forum that he will be visiting schools to check if cars are left with their engines running as this is against the law as the fumes are bad for children and for the environment.


Finally the next meeting is on 29th January 2020 and all schools have been asked to bring some ideas of how to spend the £1,000 budget given to the forum. Last year, for example, it was used to pay for trampolines at the seafront for Carnival weekend.  Lily and Levi will be asking their classmates for some good suggestions to share with the forum.