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Year 6

Year 6 Home Learning Spring/Summer 2020

Reading book list:

- Pig heart boy

- Journey to Jo'burg

- The boy at the back of the class

- Holes

- Goodnight Mister Tom

- No Ballet Shoes in Syria

- Can you see me?

- The star outside my window

- Asha and the spirit bird

- Time travelling with a Hamster

- Rooftoppers

Topic - Light, The world around us, Living Things 



During lunchtimes we have been doing some gardening. Morrisons have kindly donated compost and seeds recently, so on our last day at school (for now!) we have been preparing beds, and planting mixed flowers, spring onions, beetroot and sunflowers. Updates will be posted here!

26th March 2020

26th March 2020 1
26th March 2020 2
26th March 2020 3

Our bulbs are starting to flower!

Our bulbs are starting to flower! 1
Our bulbs are starting to flower! 2

Donation from Morrisons!

Donation from Morrisons! 1
Donation from Morrisons! 2

Year 6 Litter Picking Day

Followed by our PLASTIC POLLUTION session with East Suffolk Council, Year 6 decided to have their own initiative of  Litter Picking day.

We collected a considerable amount of litter around the streets of Felixstowe and around the seafront promenade.

We must think about being more considerate of others and specially our environment. Recycle fizzy drink cans (for example) and not leave them on the floor! Use a re-usable plastic bottle and not single use plastic bottle.

We are committed to learn better on HOW TO PREVENT THE USE OF PLASTIC and STOP IT from polluting our oceans!

We had visitors in our class to teach us how to do it!

Thank you to James Sullivan, Graduate Project Manager from East Suffolk Council and Daniel that taught us all about how to recycle plastic.

Look what we achieved!


Activities shown include crate stacking, fencing, circus skills, team building activities, fire-lighting, abseiling, traversing the elements, archery and the camp fire sing-a-long. Everyone had a brilliant time, took on new challenges, worked as a team and discovered they really could do it (even if it looked super scary!)  Great instructors at Belchamps kept us safe and help us achieve a huge amount.


You might find we have a few tales to tell and some songs to show!

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