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Year 6 - Red Kites

 Welcome to Year 6   

Red Kites


Where to see red kites in the UK in Wild Britain

In this video, we highlight some of the best places in the UK to spot red kites and also share some remarkable facts about one of Britain's most magnificent birds




Year 6 Home Learning Summer 2020






















This is our reading book for this term.

Collect your learning pack and workbook from school.

The book is a gift

from Grange Community Primary.


. 1

“The reason is not difficult to see: if we drop out when we hit problems, progress is scuppered,

no matter how talented we are. If we interpret difficulties as indictments of who we are, rather than as pathways to progress, we will run a mile from failure. Grit, then, is strongly related to the Growth Mindset; it is about the way we conceptualise success and failure.”
 - Mathew Syed


Monday 06.07.2020


Read your book You're Awesome and respond to session 6,7,8&9 in your workbook. Watch the presentations below to help you.





Session 1

Tuesday 07.07.2020



Listen to the Youtube video The Journey, by Francesca Sanna.


Read the cartoon on the news article.

After listening and reading the article compare the two texts and create your own cartoon story about the theme of both texts.

Remember to be creative!


Session 2 

Watch the video and complete the tasks

Wednesday 08.07.2020



Continue with yesterday's cartoon story. Edit your work and improve it.



Session 3

Watch the Powerpoint presentation and complete the tasks.



Thursday 09.07.2020


Session 4

Watch the PowerPoint and complete the tasks. 

    Year 6 ZOOM weekly meeting 

Zoom sessions with Miss Monteiro, Mrs Cracknell and Miss Long are every Thursday at 11.00am, to catch up and to do a bit of fun learning. The zoom codes are emailed to your parents. We would really love to see you all there!smiley



Watch the video and imagine that during Lockdown the animals took over the world. Write you story. Be creative. Send me your story via email. I will add it into our newsletter.

High Diving Giraffes

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Science - Flying Tornadoes

Friday  10.07.2020



Speech and Language Therapy Support Activities – Year 6


           YEAR 6 @ School

Thursday Stir Fry - 25.06.2020

Year 6 wrote their own vegetarian stir fry recipe, prepare the ingredients and cook them.








Thank you card

Thank you card 1
Thank you card 2



During lunchtimes we have been doing some gardening. Morrisons have kindly donated compost and seeds recently, so on our last day at school (for now!) we have been preparing beds, and planting mixed flowers, spring onions, beetroot and sunflowers. Updates will be posted here!

17th April 2020

17th April 2020 1
17th April 2020 2

9th April 2020

9th April 2020 1
9th April 2020 2

6th April 2020

6th April 2020 1
6th April 2020 2

26th March 2020

26th March 2020 1
26th March 2020 2
26th March 2020 3

20th March 2020

20th March 2020 1
20th March 2020 2

Donation from Morrisons!

Donation from Morrisons! 1
Donation from Morrisons! 2

Year 6 Litter Picking Day

Followed by our PLASTIC POLLUTION session with East Suffolk Council, Year 6 decided to have their own initiative of  Litter Picking day.

We collected a considerable amount of litter around the streets of Felixstowe and around the seafront promenade.

We must think about being more considerate of others and specially our environment. Recycle fizzy drink cans (for example) and not leave them on the floor! Use a re-usable plastic bottle and not single use plastic bottle.

We are committed to learn better on HOW TO PREVENT THE USE OF PLASTIC and STOP IT from polluting our oceans!

We had visitors in our class to teach us how to do it!

Thank you to James Sullivan, Graduate Project Manager from East Suffolk Council and Daniel that taught us all about how to recycle plastic.