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Year 4

Invaders and Dragon Training - our Summer Term topic.  

What an amazing day we had in Tunstall Forest, experiencing Anglo Saxon pastimes, food and crafts.  The composting toilets were also new to most of us!

The forest was our playground! We climbed trees and built dens together.

Our delicious morning snack and lunch were made from ingredients found in Anglo Saxon times. They tasted 'even better than a McDonalds' apparently!

We all had the opportunity to whittle our own Anglo Saxon butter knife!

One of our activities was learning how the Anglo Saxons made and carried fire. We learnt about fire safety, and built our resilience by tackling a risky activity with respect and care.

Other activities were making jewelry using traditional hand drills and local earth dyes, weaving on a hand loom, and carving and casting designs from pewter.

From Farm to Fork - our Spring Term topic.

For our Spring Farming topic we were incredibly lucky to have Jason and Sam visit us from Home Farm in Nacton with their tractor. Unfortunately it was a little windy, but that didn't stop us from asking our many questions and learning a lot!

We even got to sit in the tractor!

Helen Fomenko came from Trinity Park, who arrange the Tractors into Schools visits.  She also told us some of the exciting things we will be seeing and doing when we go on our 'From Farm to Fork' visit on Thursday April 20th.  There was even a photographer from the East Anglian Daily Times!

Our Parent Share this Spring term was a writing opportunity. Many thanks to those parents able to join us, we know it is not always possible. There will be another chance to come in for learning in the classroom next term, and a class assembly before Easter. Please keep an eye on the dates section of the school newsletter for more details closer to the time.

As part of our Spring topic, we had a visit from School Governor Mrs Mann, her dog Truffle and Jamie the vet. Thank you to all of Year 4, we were proud of your sensible questions and respectful behaviour.

Currently in Year 4, careful observation of our science experiment has shown some surprising results...

From the Christmas Term:

Maths - drawing multiplication in a grid

Our Autumn Term Parent Share - making Christmas Hoops!