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Year 2 Puffins

Welcome to Year 2 Puffins.


13th July 2020

Hello Puffins,,


Thankyou so much for sharing your amazing Encyclopaedia Project work.  

I hope you are able to come in to meet Mr Versey on Wednesday morning (10:00 - 11:00). 

I will be collecting in your Timecapule Projects and your Encyclopaedia pages on Wednesday (and any other work you would like to share).

If you aren't coming on Wednesday that's fine - you can drop your work off at the office by the end of Wednesday.


This week we will be doing activities linked to finishing Year 2 and moving on the Year 3.  I hope you enjoy them


Every day this week there are also the normal activities for you to do.  Please don't worry if you really can't do them all - but try to do as many as you can manage.  

  1.  Watch the Bitesize Daily lesson every day.  You can watch the lesson on your television from 9am by using the red button or go to and follow the links to watch it on BBC i-player.
  2. After you have watched the programme, go to the BBC Bitesize web site at .  Use the videos and activities for that day to practise your maths, English and foundation subject.  If there are too many activities, don't worry.  Just do as many as you can. 

  3. Keep an eye on Class Dojo for activities for you to share your amazing work. 


If you want to ask me any questions or you need any help, please message me through Dojo or email me through the school office at


Have a good week.  


Mrs Reilly


This week's Zoom with children 

Tuesday 1:10 pm (please note the new time so that everyone at school can join)

The link to the Zoom meeting will be on Dojo this week. 

Click on the link on a tablet, phone, or laptop and join in.


LAST YEAR 2 ZOOM - Thursday 11:30am

The Link to the Zoom meeting will be on Dojo this week. 

Click on the link on a tablet, phone, or laptop and join in..

Monday's Learning

3 garage games on TT Rockstars

BBC Bitesize - Telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes.


Read aloud.

BBC Bitesize - What is a story?


BBC Bitesize - Bubble fun

Tuesday's Learning

3 garage games on TT Rockstars

BBC Bitesize - Time:  Hours and Days 


Read aloud.

BBC Bitesize - Characters in stories


BBC Bitesize - How we move (balancing)


Wednesday's Learning

3 garage games on TT Rockstars

BBC Bitesize - Time (duration)


Read aloud

BBC Bitesize - What is a setting?


BBC Bitesize - surprise!

Thursday's Learning

3 garage games on TT Rockstars

BBC Bitesize - Time (compare durations)


Read aloud

BBC Bitesize - Writing a story.

  At school this afternoon we will be watching The BFG so that we know what happens at the end.  Why don't you watch it at home too?

You might find these other activities fun this week.

Listen to a fantastic story at

Keep active by doing PE with Joe Wicks -

Hit the Button -

Try singing with these fun videos -

Have a got at body percussion with this video -

Draw lots of new characters with Rob Biddulph -

Try a "Chat Challenge" from the Speech and Language section below.



Reading every day is one of the most important things that you can do to keep your skills charged up whilst we're off school.  Try to read something every day.  It can be anything you like - a story, a picture book, an information text, a comic, a news paper, a website ... 

Keep recording in your reading diary whenever you read to an adult.  Mrs Gerrie will be adding up how many reads you've done when we get back.  I'm looking forward to Year 2 getting loads of certificates in celebration assembly! smiley

Purple Mash

Your login is in your reading diary.

I have set up a blog in Purple Mash where we can keep in touch, share our work and tell each other what we have been doing.  To see the blog, go into Purple Mash and click on Sharing.  Then click on Shared Blog and click on Year 2 Puffins.  Click on my post to find out how to add your own.

TT Rockstars.
Your login is inside your reading diary.
Speech and Language Support
Try a "Chat Challenge".
These ideas, games and activities will help everyone to develop their communication skills, especially those who need to practice their speech and language skills. 
Enjoying the internet safely.

Please remember how to stay safe on the internet.  

Do not share your personal details or photographs.  

Use a nickname in online games. 

Tell an adult if anything online worries, confuses or upsets you.