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100 Days of School - Grange February 2017

Amazing 100thtDay at Grange Primary School

Monday 20th February 2017 was the hundredth day of learning at Grange primary School and we celebrated this momentous moment in style.


Teachers and children dressed up as if they were 100 years old, or from 100 years in the future, or decorated their clothes with 100 objects.


The children brought in an enormous variety of 100 “things” ranging from 100 pennies, 100 straws, 100 red lentils, 100 pieces of litter collected from Felixstowe beach, 100 facts about Felixstowe, 100 emotions, 100 legs on an amazing caterpillar, 100 balloons on an amazing piece of artwork, 100 postcards sent to one child from all over the world (and they keep coming...), 100w light bulb...the list is endless!


In class children explored the number 100 in a myriad of ways: writing stories with 100 words, adding and subtracting and counting to 100, drawing themselves as 100 year olds to name but a few.


We will all certainly remember the 100th day of learning at our amazing school.