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Welcome to Year 1.


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Spring 2018


During the first part of the Spring Term the children will be investigating the History of Flight. We will find out about early attempts to fly, the Montgolfier Brothers and the Wright Brothers. After half term the topic will be 'Once Upon a Time'. A number of traditional stories will be discovered, explored and retold.


Throughout the term the Science topic is Materials. We will investigate everyday objects, finding out about the materials they are made from and their associated properties.


While exploring traditional stories the children will investigate places around the United Kingdom that could be used to inspire story settings. 






Can you name all the countries and capital cities
of the United Kingdom?

Picture 1

The story of Icarus

If you liked the story of Icarus here is the link to the website:

The Montgolfier Brothers hot air balloon.

Picture 1

Those Magnificent Men in their Flying Machines - Original theme song

This is the original theme song from the movie Those magnificent men in their flying machines, this film and two of its stars, Terry Thomas & Eric Sykes were the inspiration for the Muttley and Dastardly stop the pigeon cartoon series.

Muffin Stories - The Wright Brothers, Orville and Wilbur

At that moment orville thought of the flying toy his father had bought for him and his brother. "Yeah, that's it!" He got out of his sickbed and made up his mind to build an airplane with his brother Wilbur. Since they knew nothing about an airplane, they studied a lot about it.

Make an amazing paper aeroplane!

If you love making paper aeroplanes go here for a selection of templates to download. Challenge your friends to see who can make the fastest plane or who can make one that stays in the air for the longest time.



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This term Autumn 2017 our topic is


This is me!

Autumn 2017 newsletter

Homework in Year 1

In Year 1 learning to read is very important. Your child will be given a reading book and reading record. Please try to read regularly (at least 4 times a week) with your child. We aim to change books regularly and are happy for you to comment in reading records about all books shared with your child. Children should be encouraged to read and discuss the stories and texts they read. Asking and answering questions, predicting endings and suggesting other characters and alternative events help to encourage children to engage with the texts and motivate them to invent their own stories and ideas.


In the back of the reading record you will see a reward chart. More reading = house points and little prizes!! In the reading record you will also find information about phonics and your child's login for Bug Club online books. These online books are accessible on most computers, tablets and smartphones. If you have trouble logging in please check you have the correct school code and have allowed popups for the site. 


To support reading your child will also be given an envelope containing words to be practised. Words on trucks are 'tricky' words and should be learnt by sight and not be sounded out. Words in plain rectangles are common words and can be sounded out. The words should be learnt so that your child can read them confidently and once they can read them they should practise writing them, checking the spelling carefully.


Talk homework is given regularly to support thinking skills and philosophy.  Please talk to your child about the questions posed. If you or your child wishes to comment please do.


Occasionally you child will be asked to practise maths skills or carry our research connected to the topics studied. 


If you have any queries about reading  or homework please talk to us or arrange an appointment via the office.