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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school.


Head Teacher Mrs P Coleman
Deputy Head Mrs H Haines
Reception Miss Z Cross
Key Stage 1  
Year 1 Mrs J Bultz and Mrs L Hughes (Friday)
Year 2 Mrs A Gibson
Key Stage 2  
Year 3 Mrs C Reilly
Year 4 Mrs L Holland
Year 5

Mrs S Hunt

Year 6 Miss E Faulkner and Mrs J Monk
Special Needs Coordinator Mrs J Armstrong
HLTA Miss E Faulkner and Mrs J Cracknell



Teaching Assistants
Mrs J Ambrose
Mrs G Arlow
Mrs C Nickless
Mrs K Swann
Mrs C Gerrie
Mrs P Cox
  Mrs D Nield  
Parent Support Manager Mrs J Robinson  
Office Manager Mrs T Mason  
Administration Assistants Mrs L Crisp  
  Mrs T Fisher  
Caretaker Mr W Bennett  
Cleaners Mrs S Bakeman and Miss S Ellis  
Cook Mrs R Garnham  
Assistant Cooks Mrs C Gilbert  
Midday Supervisors Mrs Z Andrews Mrs D Adams 
  Mrs J Larson Mrs L Smith