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Pupil Premium

Please read the information below which gives details of our Pupil Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Grange Community Primary School

2016 - 2017

Context of School

Grange Community Primary School serves the community to the West of Felixstowe.  The School is a slightly smaller than average primary size with one form entry.


The majority of pupils on the School roll are of White British heritage.


The School comprises of a 26 place Nursery (mornings only) and one class in each year group from Reception to Year 6. (The figures below are based on the January 2016 Census)

School Roll 229

This includes the children in our Nursery class

All SEND 20% Grange has a higher number of children who have SEND than the local authority.


(51 chn)

Grange has a higher number of children who are eligible for FSM than the local authority.
EAL 13 This is only counted on children aged 5 or over in the census.
(Attendance taken from Jan 2015 census) 96.0% We are working to improve attendance and have recently begun to celebrate this more in Whole School assemblies.
Exclusions (days lost) 5



IDACI score 0.19 At Grange, 19% of children are living in income deprived families


Objectives of Pupil Premium Funding

• To raise pupils progress to ensure it is in line or exceeds national expectations in EYFS, KS1 and KS2.

• To ensure all children who receive Pupil Premium funding have the same opportunities to access the curriculum.

Number of Pupils on role


Barriers to Future Attainment (for pupils eligible for PP)

In-school barriers (issues to be addressed in school, such as poor oral language skills)

A. Pupils come into school with poor levels of oral language and number cognition

B. Pupils have poor communication, personal, social and emotional skills

External barriers (issues which also require action outside school, such as low attendance rates)

C. Pupils experience low deprivation and low expectation

Desired outcomes (Desired outcomes and how they will be measured) Success criteria
A. Pupils access language and number and use in the correct context

Work and Number rich environment

Opportunities for accelerated learning in Literacy and Numeracy

Well matched interventions to pupils needs

B. Pupils can express their needs. Pupils show they know how to control themselves through following classroom/school expectations. Pupils work well with others, taking turns and sharing. Pupils can express their own emotions and begin to develop empathy.

Speaking and listening activities develop pupils' language skills, cross curricular links support pupils transference of literacy skills.

Maths mastery enables concrete learning of mathematical knowledge and opportunities to apply learning.

C. The differences in attainment between pupil premium and non pupil premium diminish. School vision and values raises aspiration for pupils.

Pupils surveys show pupils love learning and are aiming high

Pupils learning behaviours are outstanding

Differences between pupil premium and non pupil premium are diminishing


Amount of Pupil Premium funding received

£85,800 (April 2016 ‐ April 2017)

For the 2016/17 academic year we have a number of initiatives and plans which will hopefully continue to ensure that the children at Grange Community Primary School close the gap between them and national outcomes.  These include:

Year Group




Proposed outcome

Whole School

Subsidise school uniform and school trips

To support pupils maintain an equality of dress within school and access all learning opportunities


Higher engagement and greater take up of opportunities offered to pupil premium children

Whole School

Additional teaching assistant hours

To support pupils with specific literacy and numeracy interventions


Accelerated learning and closing the gap for pupils in literacy and numeracy

Whole School


Support with extra literacy and maths, support interventions that may be required with small groups.


To improve consistency of support within certain classes and improve extra support and intervention work within the classroom.

Whole School

Teaching Assistant: Speech and Language

2 ELKLAN trained Teaching Assistants to deliver speech and language programmes, targeting children with specific speech needs and working alongside the County speech and language therapist.


To improve and support children’s speech and language skills which impact on their learning, behaviour and everyday development within school.

Whole school

Graduate Intern

To support with interventions and extra support in classes with individual or small groups


To improve consistency of support within certain classes and improve extra support and intervention work within the classroom. Improved results across school.

Whole school

Extra Teaching Assistant

To provide extra support for a challenging classes with a history of poor results and high pupil premium


To improve levels of pupil premium children across school – specific focus Yr 2 / Yr 5



Small group project working with children, identified by staff, to develop their social skills, self-esteem and learning using outdoor curriculum model.


Improved standards of behaviour and self-esteem and confidence leading to improved standards in learning. Less exclusion.

Whole School

Gym Trail

Small group of children with gross motor delay supported for 30 minutes once a week.

No additional cost.

Improved core stability increasing attention span and focus as well as coordination and control.

Whole School

Hand Gym

Small group of children with fine motor delay are supported for 30 minutes twice a week.

No additional cost.

Improved handwriting leading to greater confidence, legibility and stamina in writing.

Whole School

Gifted and Talented Workshops

Workshops delivered to Felixstowe Family of Schools to develop skills and interests of pupil premium G&T pupils.


To provide children with a greater range of opportunities for learning and further develop higher order thinking skills and teamwork.

Whole School

Nurture Group

Group runs 3 afternoons a week staffed by 2 adults each session following the nurture principles. For pupil premium pupils with low self-esteem, behavioural concerns, little confidence etc.


Improved standards of behaviour and self-esteem and confidence leading to improved standards in learning. Fewer exclusions.

Whole School

Draw and Talk

Therapeutic support for pupil premium children showing any signs of distress, trauma, known family history or on going difficulties within the home.


Fewer children with difficulties at home effecting their school life and learning. Children feeling able to confide and talk to ‘someone’ in a safe environment.

Whole school

Breakfast Club

Club runs 3 times a week for pupil premium children to help promote good punctuality and attendance


Improved punctuality and attendance leading to increased standards in classes.