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Philosophy - Our weekly THUNK

Our Thunk for this week is:

What could the question be, if the answer is 'Once, with a fish?'

Thunks we have had:


Is there more happiness or sadness in the world?

Lots of us felt there was more sadness, especially in what was shown on the news.  Lots of happiness too, but maybe more sadness.  


What colour is a zebra under its stripes?

Amazingly imaginative answers, from black, white, pink (no hair) to rainbow wearing a tutu.  Just because.


Can a toddler commit a crime?  What about a dog?

We were decided that toddlers can do things that they know are wrong, but that if a dog was in the wrong they didn't always have the same understanding of what they had done!


Which is more important, being right or being kind?

Lots of discussion about how being kind helps us make friends, and that being right can make others feel bad.  Being kind was especially valued amongst our girls, but boys were also keen to show how important it was to value the feelings of others. What a wonderfully supportive community we have in Year 4.  But what about how good it can feel to be right?  It can feel great, improving  our confidence and self-esteem.  Being right is linked to aspiration - our desires to do well and move ourselves on.  Perhaps there can be room for rightness and kindness, depending on the situation? The world's leaders have to think of the greater good sometimes, and we need to be able to make tough choices for ourselves, families and friends if a tricky situation comes around.  Lots more room to discuss this one at home!   


If I borrow £1 000 000, am I a millionaire?

Everyone agreed that borrowing did not mean that you owned something.... but some of us thought maybe the money was ours while we had it, as we could do things with it?  Lots of discussion about how the person who had lent money to us would feel if we went out and spent their money - how friendships can be lost that way and people can get angry when they feel someone has taken what belongs to them.  Everyone thought that the person who the money belonged to would be right to be cross!


Which is heavier, a song or a dream?

We won a class star this week for an amazing discussion which covered the importance of a dream and how it can last a lifetime, how music is not for everyone but a song can show how we feel, that dreams can be nightmares but they don't last forever, and more!  What an amazingly thoughtful class!  Everyone joined in with excellent listening and turn taking, showing respect for all our differing opinions.  A fantastic note to finish our busy working week on :)


Which is heavier, promises or lies?

Lots of really interesting discussion about how it feels to break a promise, and how the consequences of both promises and lies can be really hard to carry.  We were left with more questions to answer - if a promise is broken, does it become a lie?